rajamoulis-father-vijayendra-prasad When a star dancing diva like Madhuri Dixit is around, she is bound to take the center stage like Ramya Krishna did in the first installment of ‘Baahubali’ as Shivagami in spite of having two heroines Anushka Shetty and Tamanna. But in ‘Baahubali, The Conclusion’ it’s Anushka who is going to occupy the center stage of the proceedings of the movie not Madhuri Dixit.

That means, Madhuri Dixit isn’t going to be part of the sequel and all that buzz is only rumors clarifies Rajamouli’s father and writer Vijayendra Prasad. Anushka as the queen in exile is going to have more screen space and Madhuri isn’t even considered for any role in the movie.

He laughs at the script writers of the media saying that their thoughts are more fertile than that of the writers of scripts for cinema. Every time we have seen Rajamouli clarifying on the rumors, this time it’s his father who has denied the rumours for a change.