S S Rajamouli, Rajamouli cousin, Rajamouli cousin Kalyan Koduri, Kalyani Malik, Kalyani Malik different Names, Rama Rajamouli Many celebrities in the film industry are known for their faith in higher powers and even superstitions and other beliefs such as astrology and numerology. Music composer Kalyan Koduri is definitely one of them and seems to be a staunch practiser of numerology.

Kalyan who is popular in the industry for his excellent sound supervision techniques and melodious songs is often seem is his cousin Rajamouli’s films. The artist is such a firm believer in numerology that he has changed his names multiple times. Although born Kalyan Koduri, the artist has till now been known as Kalyani Malik, Kalyani Koduri and later Koduri Kalyan. His latest name change will have him be known as Kalyana Ramana.

The artist will soon be seen in upcoming film Jo Achyuthananda and it will be interesting to see how this name change impacts his career.