Rajamouli RRR release dateSS Rajamouli’s RRR is the craziest project not only in Telugu states but also in the entire country. The movie is announced for October 13th release as Dussehra Special. But we are not sure if the movie will make it due to the prevailing COVID-19 induced conditions across the country.

But then each and every promotional material of the film is carrying the same date indicating that the makers are serious on the date if there is a remote possibility of making it. However, that is going to be a very unlikely scenario. Meanwhile, there are reports that the postponement is certain and the makers are now looking at January 26th, 2022 as Republic Day Special.

If this is true, this is the biggest favor Rajamouli can do for the film and the Telugu film industry. January release will mean the prevailing uncertainty will be finished (hopefully) and RRR will get to release in the best possible conditions. Also, he will get a solo release.

Also, that means Rajamouli is not pitting his film against others in the Sankranthi season which will be a great favor because at least 4-5 films can release and flourish in the festive season.