SS Rajamouli RRR Action sequencesThere is a new rumor floating about the action content in SS Rajamouli’s RRR. The report says the movie will have ten action sequences and each of them will be at least for 10 minutes. That means we will have a minimum of 100 minutes of action.

If we consider the movie’s run time to be the highest at three hours, we are still talking about close to 50% run time filled with action sequences. If the run time is less than three hours, the percentage increases. Rajamouli is a master in action sequences.

He has proved that many times in the past. Baahubali also has a high dose of action. But the war factor brings in a novelty for Baahubali. It is not so easy to do the same for RRR. The novel factor in RRR is two stars – NTR and Ram Charan taking head-on but it is still a challenge to keep the audience engrossed.

Either the rumor will turn out to be fake or Rajamouli is in for a tough task. Meanwhile, the suspense is still on the release of RRR. While the makers are sticking to the October 13th release date, there are reports that the movie can be pushed to January 26th, 2022 due to the uncertain times we are living in.