Rajamouli Will Be More Stunned After June 1RRR’s success has taken Rajamouli’s game to another level and he is getting global recognition now. Speaking to the Hollywood media, Rajamouli said he did not expect such an appreciation from the U.S and UK audience.

But Rajamouli should know that he will be getting a lot more appreciation from June 1st when RRR re-releases in the U.S. in 100+ locations. Most of these shows are already sold out and 99% of the audiences are Americans this time.

Analyzing the success and why Americans are liking RRR more than Baahubali, the answer is simple. They have experienced much better period films than the Baahubali series but when it comes to RRR, it is like a superhero film and they feel so many highs which they can’t even get from $500 million+ budgeted MCU movies.

Also, they are not used to sitting for 3-hour long movies but a rare thing is happening now and this has also kept RRR in news in foreign media and Rajamouli being the man behind it, is getting all the attention.