Kannnada superstar Sudeep, is reported to be shooting in Hyderabad for his first ever brand endorsement. The guy, who was seen sporting the classic formal look in his first shoot which was shot in Black and White frames, remarked, “I have just wrapped up a five day shoot for the ad. I have signed a two-year deal with the company and I am quite impressed with what they have in mind for me to do during this time frame.”

Telugu star Allu Arjun also signed for the same brand while the Tamil star Madhavan was also one of the popular faces in South. Sudeep, who remains to be their icon for the Karnataka market, acknowledges the recent event to the success of his multi-lingual film Eega and says, “I was not keen on taking on any kind of endorsements. But it what the brand wants to do that convinced me to take up something like this for the first time.” It seems as if the ad campaign has a lot ahead of us!