It was the audio launch function of Sai Korrapati’s ‘Dikkulu Chudaku Ramayya’ (DCR). To be frank, like the trailer of the film even the audio launch event was organised in a refreshing manner. Instead of recording dance type group dances and extravaganza…comedy short satirical videos of the celebrities and film’s team created a lot of laughs. Especially the big boss and the small boss theme based interaction was a big hit and very different.

When it was Rajamouli’s turn to interact with the director of the film Thrikoti who has been his assistant director since long, the actor in Rajamouli came out and the audience found him performing the histroinics of Thrikoti in a most heart touching and sensible way possible lined with subtle humour. Rajamouli explained how crazy is Thrikoti about films and their duo’s interactions after watching a film together.

Rajamouli feels that he has his lost his right hand after Thrikoti left him for directing DCR. The movie seemed more like a Rajamouli’s movie and the whole family of the director alongwith his wife Rama, music director Keeravani, their father Shiva Sai Datta were present at the event and found feeling proud of Thrikoti all through the event. It is no surprise such occasion brought out the actor in Rajamouli, the actor in earnest of describing his relation with the director. All the best to Thrikoti and to the team of DCR. The music numbers are indeed very refreshing.