Rajamouli To End RRR's Journey With NTR's SpecialIt’s been almost four years since the journey for RRR started. Right from its conception in 2018 to its announcement in 2019 to its release on March 25, 2022. Rajamouli, NTR, and Ram Charan traveled together to conceptualize, create, market and release this box office bonanza.

The film went through various ups and downs. The two covid waves made the matter worse for the team, and the shooting kept getting delayed. However, the team didn’t lose focus and worked hard to achieve what they had visualized.

The film’s release was postponed multiple times due to various factors like omicron and others. The team had to conduct events multiple times all over the country to promote the film. The team ensured that the audience’s excitement was kept alive even after the delays and postponements.

Now it is all coming to an end as the collections are also wrapping up all over. The team of RRR is releasing one full song every week. And it seems Rajamouli will end the journey of RRR on a high with the release of the heart-touching and impactful song, “Komaram Bheemudo.”

This song was the heart and soul of the film. This highly emotional song performed brilliantly by NTR made the audience sit at the edge of their seats. RRR team has officially confirmed that they would release “Komaram Bheemudo” as the last material to mark the blockbuster ending.