Ram-Charan-Rajamouli-RRR-SS Rajamouli‘s magnum opus ‘RRR’ has been leading the most watched film lists on Netflix for the past few weeks, where the Hindi version of the film was released in more than 55 countries. The western audience is enjoying the movie like anything and posting about the movie. Many Hollywood critics and American Film Institutes have been raving about the excellence of RRR.

Charan Fans, however, are trying hard on social media to make it all about Ram Charan. They are tagging the official handle of the ‘RRR’ movie and asking them to post and retweet the tweets where Ram Charan is being praised.

But SS Rajamouli’s team is in no mood to entertain them and has said a blunt NO. They have made it clear that they will only retweet those posts that have appreciated the movie or both Charan and NTR equally. RRR doesn’t want to be partial to either of the actors in the movie and create unnecessary fan wars.

After winning hearts and making record collections at the worldwide box office, RRR has become the world’s most popular non-English film on OTT as well. But the fans of both the stars don’t want to stop their war and want to continue to fight for the credit of RRR’s success.