Ram Charan Rajamouli Highlight RRR movieRajamouli and his team promoted the film RRR until the last minute it got postponed. In one of the Tamil interviews, Rajamouli was asked as to which character, Alluri or Komuram Bheem did he like the most. Without hesitation, Rajamouli said that he is attracted to Ram Charan’s role.

The video went viral and now, one of the fans associations dragged that video back and praised Rajamouli for taking Charan’s side. But this has not gone well with fans of NTR and they have started trolling and abusing Rajamouli that he is showing partiality towards Charan.

Leave aside the fans, one needs to see what kind of justice did Rajamouli did to the two key characters. Things are surely going to get upsetting for one army of fans as they will feel the others will be highlighted.

For now, Ram Charan and NTR are showing the best comrade in all the promotions and are not bothered about the screen space and importance they will get in the film. They clearly know that Rajamouli will be showcasing them in the best way possible.

In all this, Rajamouli is the master and knows the game in and out. He would have made RRR in such a way that every section will be happy and enjoy RRR as one big Telugu film that will make the country proud.