S. S. Rajamouli to Take Share in Profits of BaahubaliWhen a magnum opus like ‘Baahubali’ is made as two parts and the director has spent five years of his career entirely for one project, one would be wondering how much salary Rajamouli was paid.

According to the reports, Rajamouli is going to get one third share of the total profits for the two parts. That means he is going to get shares in theatrical rights, satellite rights and others. The personal expenses of Rajamouli were also taken care of by the makers of ‘Baahubali’ for these five years.

For the hard work, dedication and the passion of Rajamouli, one would feel that share in profits isn’t a big thing. In Bollywood, star heroes take their remuneration in the form of a share in the profits. This trend hasn’t caught up with our celebs much.