Rajamouli Take on Mohanlal MahabharataRecently, Mohanlal’s ‘Mahabharata‘ is making headlines and Rajamouli’s reference is being brought in constantly. On many occasions, Rajamouli said that ‘Mahabharata’ is his dream project which he likes to make in future. He needs at least 10 years to up his talent as a technician to deal with the epic.

Responding to the question on Mohanlal’s ‘Mahabharatha’, Rajamouli explained how big the epic is and how a number of movies can be made from it. Each one would be different depending upon on what we choose to take from the epic.

He is not worried as he knows that even if ten films are made based on Mahabharatha, he is sure, he will still have a lot to show his version. Anyway, it is definitely not his immediate project and hence isn’t worried somebody is doing it. He will surely revisit the epic in his style.
P.S. : After 10 years. 🙂