Rajamouli feedback on shankar I movie

‘I’ being the costliest movie ever made in Indian Cinema is garnering huge hype not only because of huge budget but mostly because of Shankar’s style of film making. The much awaited teaser of the film is released on 15th September. For normal eyes, the teaser seemed a little below the expectations. The compilations of the scenes and the concept of the movie isn’t at the level of reach for the normal audience. It takes time for the common audience to sink such a concept which is very much alien.

But for a film maker’s eye, the entire idea and the challenge behind conceiving such grandeaur and visual extravaganza would certainly be a different perception. The same reflects in the tweet of Tollywood Jakkanna Rajamouli’s tweet on Vikram’s ‘I’ teaser. Rajamouli tweet shows how overwhelmed he had been while watching the teaser. He tweeted ““I” Teaser Is Just MIND BLOWING!!!!! No one can even come closer to his grandeur and visuals.”