Rajamouli stamp on social networking sites as wellDirector SS Rajamouli is the bigger brand today from the director and anything that the director says becomes a sensation within minutes. So when the director praises anything it too becomes a hot news among the audience. His praise has become like a stamp of quality on the social networking sites and it automatically generates views for the person or the film in questions. As a result many upcoming director’s or actor start a visible baloney as and when the director has a mention of them.

This also has resulted in tremendous increase of fan following for the director among the social networking sites. The director has very recently recahed the 1 million mark on Facebook, where he is again very active and shares a lot of interesting details and pictures. Many a times his comment leads to interesting debates on the topics. It also helps that the director shares his views on most of the films that he watches or issues that he feels needs a voice to be rised. One has to wait and see how long the director can sustain this euphoria on social networking sites.