Rajamouli_Son_SS_Karthikeya_RRR_Oscars_PromotionsSS Rajamouli’s son SS Karthikeya who was an active part of the ‘Naatu Naatu‘ Oscar campaign recently gave an interview to a YouTube channel.

SS Karthikeya said, “After the massive theatrical success of RRR, we wanted to re-release RRR in English (US) on 1st June last year. But it started streaming on Netflix five days before our plan could get executed. RRR soon became a phenomenon with the western audience and famous people started tweeting about the film on social media.”

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Karthikeya added, “It was a sad moment for us when RRR did not get an official Oscar entry from India. The chances to win Oscar would have been stronger if the film had been sent officially.”

He quashed the silly rumors that they spent crores to buy the Oscar award. Karthikeya said that it is a big joke that if you think you can buy an Oscar by paying money.

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Karthikeya said, “Oscars is an institution with a history of 95 years. There is a process for everything at the Oscars. Can we buy the audience’s love? We can’t buy Steven Spielberg and James Cameron’s words about RRR. I must thank the fans also as they also actively took part in the campaign.”

Karthikeya said, “Our initial budget for the Oscar campaign was Rs. 5 crores. We want to spend this budget in three phases. In the first phase, we spent from Rs.2.5 crores to Rs.3 crores. After receiving the nominations, we increased the budget further. Finally, we spent Rs.8.5 crores.”

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