Rajamouli_Oscars_RRR_MovieSS Rajamouli should be the brand ambassador of all famous stomach-burn tablets. Right from the release of the film to this occasion of winning an Oscar, Rajamouli caused stomach burns for a section of media blinded by the hate for success, caste, and politics.

This media, on day one, tried to pull down RRR in one name or the other. Rajamouli delivered another 1000 Crore film. They still tried to belittle the film by comparing it with KGF 2.

But little did they know a Tsunami is going to hit them. RRR has become a Global phenomenon and has got the appreciation of the West. Initially, they thought it was just a PR campaign by the team but by the time, they can even realize, RRR was nominated for the Oscars.

Even then they tried by belittling the campaign as a Paid Campaign. But today, RRR created history.

And now, they still try to cook bullshit like Paid Campaigns, Stars doing PR, Rajamouli’s selfishness etc.

The Oscar to Naatu Naatu is technically Keeravani and Chandrabose’s but everyone in the globe knows the surreal dance moves of Tarak and Charan made the song so popular across the globe.

Even though they did not get to take the award on the stage, it is their blood and sweat. They have all rights to take credit and even promote themselves with that.

We saw the foreigners going gaga over NTR and Ram Charan but not on Chandrabose and Keeravani. In fact, it happens with every film. The actors get the majority credit while 100s who worked behind the screens barely get anything.

In the case of Naatu Naatu, no one can complain about NTR and Ram Charan getting the credit.

Instead of limiting the stomach burn only to Rajamouli, these people are expanding boundaries by adding NTR and Ram Charan which is only harmful to their health.