People Couldn't Hold Excitement with RRR Poor Quality PicsRajamouli is known to be a strict taskmaster when it comes to implementing a no-mobile policy on the sets of his movies. However, some pics got out from the sets of the movie when he was canning the climax scenes recently.

People are sharing those low-quality pics from the RRR climax shoot on social media platforms and naturally, those pics are going viral. We can clearly see ram Charan in old-Britain (historic) soldier kind of robes and NTR fighting with the backdrop of the fire burning things.

One of the leaked pics gave a glimpse of London-based actress Olivia Morris. These are poor quality pics but, it’s hard to contain the excitement of those who have been sharing those pics. However, they might not be a big deal because the excitement when the official pics come out would be immeasurable.

Being one of the most-awaited pan-Indian movies coming from Rajamouli after the humungous success of Baahubali and with two superstars of the South-Indian film industry, ‘RRR’ will hold the attention of the audiences big time despite leaked pics making their way.