Rajamouli-Reveals-RRR-Update-at-'HIT'-EventRajamouli being the special guest at the pre-release event of Nani’s production venture ‘HIT’ is definitely a special moment for the team. When the king of the kings is present, one expects him to speak something special. Yes, he did.

He observed that the ‘Sneak Peek’ idea was wonderful and this reminded him of an English movie when the makers revealed an important sequence before the release and that sequence created interest among the audiences to throng to the theatres to watch the movie.

The makers of Nani’s ‘HIT” with Vishwak Sen also followed the same strategy and we must wait and see how that would work here in Tollywood. On the stage, anchor Suma insisted to know the released ate of RRR.

Now, it’s already announced that RRR is going to come on 8th January 2021 as Sankranthi release. This time it came straight from the Horse’s mouth and therefore, it is official.

‘HIT’ has been making some good noises because of the promos’ content and director Dr Sailesh Kolanu has his fingers crossed on the movie that is backed by none other than Nani who proved his taste as a producer with ‘Awe’.