Rajamouli Restarts RRR Planning SessionsSS Rajamouli had recently announced two release dates for his RRR – March 18th and April 28th. RRR will pick one of these days if the normalcy is restored in the country by then. Meanwhile, Rajamouli is back to the drawing board about the film promotions.

RRR Team almost finished the promotions across the country by the time, the postponement has become imminent. All those promotions have to be started from the scratch. At the same time, the promotions should be unique and should not give a redundant feeling.

He also released so much of content previously. So, this time the promotions should be with limited content.

Hence, Rajamouli and his team are carefully planning the campaign. Both the heroes are occasionally participating in these planning sessions.

Meanwhile, it looks like April 28th is going to be the date as March 18th has a couple of serious problems. The final decision will be taken next month.