Rajamouli Recreates Sholay Euphoria Sholay starring Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra is an iconic film in Indian cinema. Whenever we think of Sholay, we remember the iconic pose of Dharmendra sitting on Big B’s shoulders as the latter rides on a bike. The pose was a rage back then and people used to try and emulate it.

Rajamouli has created similar euphoria on social media with the release of the latest poster of his RRR. In the poster, NTR is seen riding a bike while Ram Charan is sitting pillion. Fans of all actors have connected to those posters and replacing their favorite heroes.

From Senior NTR – Tarak to Brahmi and MS Narayana, the social media is full of such fanmade posters. These edits have taken the center stage of all social media discussions on Tuesday. It is a big start to the movie promotions after the COVID second wave.

Meanwhile, there has been confusion about the RRR release date. Even as everyone thinks a postponement is certain, Rajamouli still has ‘October 13th’ printed on the poster.