Rajamouli: Pride OF India, Here’s Why!If it wasn’t clear with the two Baahubali movies, it is now with RRR to everyone – SS Rajamouli is the pride of Indian cinema. The sheer adulation that he receives is proof. It is also correlated with the monstrous box office results. Here’s why he is in such a position and miles ahead of his contemporaries.

SS Rajamouli has practically erased the boundaries of the different film industries. His last three movies have been appreciated from North to South To East to West. People have lapped them hugely. It is a feat not achieved by anyone previously, certainly not at the scale we saw with Baahubali 1 and 2 and RRR.

The grand visual feast that SS Rajamouli promises has set a benchmark for the rest. It is not just the visuals; the insane mass energy that flows is what separates him from the rest. Delivering a joyous experience at the cinemas for the high-end multiplexes to the smallest of centres across the length and breadth of the country is only possible to him. A combination of emotions and visual spectacle makes him a special force at the box office, and there is no one else like him at the moment.

SS Rajamouli has thrown a challenge to the rest with his vision and grandeur. Post the Baahubali movies, a whole new genre of period epics has spawned across the film industries in India. Many of them have had pan-India releases as well, but none were able to mesmerize and provide an immersive experience like Rajamouli movies.

The way things are now, SS Rajamouli is in a league of his own with no competition. He is bringing the audience together across India like no one else makes him the pride of India. Here’s wishing he scales more heights and continue to deliver memorable lifetime experiences with his movies in the future.