Rajamouli, Jr NTR, Ram CharanMaster craftsman SS Rajamouli is currently awaiting the theatrical release of RRR, which has Ram Charan and Jr NTR in the lead roles. As the big budget multistarrer gears up for release, Mega and Nandamuri fans have started indulging in a heated clash on social media.

But this social media clash might not come as too big of a surprise to Rajamouli. An old interview of Rajamouli clearly implies the same.

In the interview, which was about 10 years ago, Rajamouli, interestingly enough, speaks about bringing Jr NTR and Ram Charan together for a multistarrer.

“There will be a big clash between both sets of fans if we bring Jr NTR and Ram Charan together. These fan wars are the reason why 95% of the heroes don’t do multistarrers in Telugu cinema. The majority of the fans are foolish,” Rajamouli says in the interview.

Well, Rajamouli’s palmistry on the collaboration between NTR and Charan is indeed turning to reality. As RRR gears up for release, Mega and Nandamuri fans are indulging in heated verbal exchanges on social media. They are going to an extent where they are bringing the castes of the heroes to humiliate each other.

The other day, when RRR Twitter page shared a video of the celebrations orchestrated by NTR’s fans, a few people commented that Tarak belongs to the Kamma community and Rajamouli too belongs to the Kamma community and that is the reason why RRR’s social media handle is only sharing NTR’s celebration video. This sums up the situation. Well, Rajamouli was also right about the foolishness of certain fans.