Karthikeya - Rajamouli-Rama Rajamouli - -Pooja Prasad
Rajamouli and Rama Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya was engaged to his 6-year long girlfriend Pooja Prasad who happens to be Jagapathi Babu’s niece. Photos of their engagement had surfaced on the internet and other media and now we have a special pic featuring Rajamouli and Rama Rajamouli along with their son and daughter-in-law.

Looks like, the family attended the birthday party of a big head of a hospital. The four looked very happy together with Rama Rajamouli‘s smile lighting up the pic, big time. This shows how the girl had become one with the family, already and we can see them hanging together in the coming days, even. Addition of a talented member into the family will be a pleasant thing for the audiences, as well.

Whenever Rajamouli will be in the making of a film, the entire family has some role or the other to be part of the movie and they give their 100% and soul into the movie. Pooja is a Carnatic singer and can we expect to sing a song or two in Rajamouli’s upcoming movie? We can’t be sure, as of now. Let’s be happy with this pic, for now.