Rajamouli - Only Gutsy Director In The Country?The making video of SS Rajamouli’s RRR – #RoarOfRRR is out and it is greeted to a sensational response as expected. The video has dispelled the doubts whatsoever on the movie and multiplied the hype. In the video, Rajamouli has reiterated that the film will release on October 13th, 2021.

Rajamouli says No to a postponement despite the COVID second wave and the reports of a possible third wave. If the third wave arrives, the postponement will be imminent but the director will do an honest attempt to release the movie that day across the globe.

Rajamouli is the only star director to have the guts to announce a release date. The other star directors across the industries are playing the waiting game without announcing their release plans. Rajamouli is not worried about the reluctance of the audience, the economic impact, and other factors that may affect the movie at the box office.

If the third wave does not happen and if RRR releases on October 13th, it is a big achievement and the movie will play a crucial role in the resurrection of theatrical business across the country.