Anchor-PrabhakarMany TV artists like Rajeev Kanakala and Rao Ramesh made it to films and had been hugely successful in films. Why Prabhakar, who had been a star anchor and actor on television couldn’t make it to cinemas and be successful there?

Prabhakar finds fault with himself for not having the ability to develop rapport with people related to film industry. Once Rajamouli took him to Raghavender Rao, but he never ended up getting roles in Rajamouli’s films despite the fact that he used to meet Rajamouli till his film ‘Sye’. Later he stopped.

Prabhakar says, he also knows NTR referring to Rajeev Kanakala getting roles in NTR’s movies. Prabhakar introspects himself and says that it is his failure to maintain a rapport and be in the circles which didn’t land him in films. Nevertheless, he never stopped trying, but not to the extent others do.