Rajamouli Not the Person to Reveal That InfoRajamouli is said to be shifting his shooting location from Pune to Nalgonda as the situation hasn’t improved in Pune rather worsened. So, there is no way to go further as per the previous plan.

When the makers of movies are planning to resume the shooting of their films, they have to choose locations within the given limits of their space during the lockdown. So, our Tollywood Jakkana is planning to find a location in Nalgonda to resume the shoot of RRR.

He needs a fort of the bygone era and therefore, he needs a location in Telangana that would cater to the plot of the story set in the pre-Independence period. Nalgonda may or many not be an ideal place.

Things aren’t official yet and as far as we know Rajamouli, he isn’t the kind of director who would disclose the location for obvious reasons. So, let’s wait for further updates on his shooting plan.