SS-RajamouliRajamouli is a brand in the Indian film industry now and would be a dream come true for any aspiring actor to work with him. But what is the dream of this director? Doing the full-fledged series of Mahabharatha is what Rajamouli’s dream is. This is not new news for many but for those who thought the project is dropped, here is an update.

The director speaking in an interview with Mathu Vadalara hero, his brother’s son, confirmed his maximum interest in doing the magnum project of all the episodes of Mahabharatha. Yes, not just any of them but all the episodes he wants to do one day.

As he said, it is indeed going to be a huge project with the demand for heavy star casting and budget like never before. Many thought it and there ha e been rumors too that he dropped the project but he didn’t as he confirmed it again. After the terrific success of the Baahubali series, never failing the director is up for another blockbuster outing with Ram Charan and NTR for RRR. It would be a tedious task to get the casting for Mahabharata but it would be really interesting to watch Rajamouli made Bharatam.