Kaashmora Movie Script Change - Rajamouli Baahubali ComparisonWhenever there is a period film coming from South, the comparison with ‘Baahubali’ is bound to happen as Rajamouli had set up high bench marks with his period drama. It becomes extremely essential that other filmmakers working on this genre should take every care to avoid resemblances.

That’s what happened with regard to ‘Kashmora’, Karthi’s upcoming film which also has period film portions in it. Because of the looks of ‘Karthi’ in a bald avatar, the comparison naturally crept in. So, the makers of the film had to re-work on the script after ‘Baahubali’s release.

The periodic portion in the film is going to last for only thirty minutes in the film, but comparison with ‘Baahubali’ couldn’t be avoided. As the makers don’t have a budget as humongous as for a Rajamouli’s film, they had to re-work on the script to come out with an interesting narration to live up to the hype.