Rajamouli: Kamma Then, Kammaga Now!SS Rajamouli‘s speech at RRR Pre-release event was a major highlight as he profusely thanked everyone from the start of his career to those who helped resolve the ticket prices issue in AP.

He heaped praises on Megastar Chiranjeevi calling him a Real Megastar and Industry Pedda Dhikku for resolving the issue despite many brickbats hurled on him.

Mega Fans are circulating the video of his praises and are trying to showcase the greatness of the Megastar to the World which is completely justified but then, it also exposes their hypocrisy, Nandamuri fans claim.

“Do you remember how Mega Fans insulted Rajamouli when he tried to help Chandrababu Naidu in Amaravati? They abused him and called him a Kamma Fanatic. Now the same Rajamouli’s words are now Kammaga for them,” they allege.

He was abused and painted a caste fanatic because he appreciated Chandrababu’s vision and tried to assist him, they say.

Meanwhile, RRR is all set for a massive opening on 25th. Both the Telugu governments have given a price hike for the movie. Huge All Time Records are on cards for the movie in all areas.

It has to be seen how the movie performs in other languages. This is the biggest test for Indian Cinema after the pandemic.