Rajamouli-Marvel-CEO-Kevin-FeigeIt wouldn’t be an overstatement to say Rajamouli is a global figure now. Thanks to epic success of RRR in the West, he is making news in international cinema.

It has gotten to a point where people are discussing Rajamouli’s Hollywood. In a recent interview with a top film personality, Rajamouli was suggested maybe he should start teaching Hollywood filmmakers sooner than later.

Coming to the topic, there are several reports from national media pertaining to Rajamouli. As per this report, Rajamouli was recently asked if he was approached by Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel.

To which Rajamouli reportedly replied “I have been receiving many offers from Hollywood but I’m committed to working with Rajamouli. He’s a big Telugu star and I’m content with the project”

Going by the report, Rajamouli neither confirmed nor denied the speculation about his potential talks with Marvel CEO, Kevin Feige.