Director S. S. Rajamouli is considered one of the best directors in the Tollywood film industry. Currently working on his epic period drama film Baahubali, Rajamouli is traipsing through Rajasthan hunting for suitable locations for the shooting of Baahubali. As Rajamouli has previously shot his film Magadheera in Rajasthan, he is familiar with the place.

Rajamouli posted a scoop of his adventure in Rajasthan on his social networking account on Twitter. The message was “The aloo parantha is delicious and the pickle is spicy… And Durgaji(not in pic) refuses to take money…” Looks like the lauded director likes the Rajasthani cuisine. Also tweeting about the location, Rajamouli said “Memories of magadheera flooding as we go scouting locations. What a fun we had..:).”

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As for the film, the shooting for the movie is expected to start in the month of April, although pre-production is already in progress.
Rajamolui Baahubali