rajamouli speech at IIT Madras collegeDuring an interaction with the IIT Madras students, Rajamouli was asked if he likes Tollywood or Bollywood. Immediately, the film maker showed his disgust on face and said the he hates the word ‘Tollywood’. Call them as Telugu Film Industry, Hindi Film Industry and so on expressed Rajamouli.

Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood etc are the names coined for different film industries in India on the lines of Hollywood, which actually is the name of the place. Tollywood issue aside, Rajamouli was left in a fix when he was asked who he liked more, Tarak or Prabhas? He took Prabhas name as he is presently in the middle of Baahubali.

Otherwise, Tarak is not only his friend but also his favourite hero in Telugu, besides Bruce Lee, his all time favourite.