Rajamouli Happy for New Kalakeya Prabhakar's Epic LookActor Prabhakar who has got a noticeable role in ‘Maryada Ramanna’ further graduated to a new look that became a striking look for his career in the form of Kalakeya character that he played in the two parts of Baahubali. None of the movie-goers can forget his characterisation in the epic movie.

After that, there wasn’t anything role that was befitting for Prabhakar that could add further in the form of advancement in his career. Now, Rajamouli thinks that Prabhakar has finally got a role and look befitting the actor in Kannada upcoming epic movie ‘Bicchugatti’ that will be coming in two parts.

Prabhakar is playing a crucial role in ‘Bicchugatti’ that has Rajvardhan playing the lead role, and the two-part movie is being directed by Hari Santosh. Take a look at Prabhakar’s getup for his role, and hope you will also think that the makers of the film had got something intriguing for the Telugu actor after Baahubali.