Rajamouli's Father Vijayendra Prasad Trying to Butter Mega FansBaahubali Writer Vijayendra Prasad in a media interview today revealed that Pawan Kalyan Craze in the audio functions is the inspiration for the Interval scene of Baahubali-2. “We are not sure about the scene and we saw a function in which he is not there but fans are still cheering for him,” Vijayendra Prasad said.

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“Any hero would feel jealous to be in such a situation. It was exactly the same what Bhallaladeva may have felt then. We instantly got inspired by it,” the ace writer added. The scene ended up as one of the Epic scenes in the film and is winning the accolades of fans and critics.

But then, some think Vijayendra Prasad may be pacifying Mega Fans. In recent interviews, he hurt them very much. He said blatant No when asked if he has any plans to write Baahubali like story for Chiranjeevi and if he is going to narrate a story for Pawan Kalyan.

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And on another occasion, he said he likes Pawan Kalyan’s sincerity and will like even more if he does not write his own stories. Mega fans are very offended by those comments and some even called for the boycott of the film. Is the ace writer trying to pacify them with this buttering?