Rajamouli’s Father Vijayendra Prasad To Work On Mahabharat, But Not With SSRDirector SS Rajamouli has said time and again that Mahabharat is his ultimate dream project. But, it would take a few years before he takes up the project. However, he is not the only one with the same ambition.

There is a Bollywood star, who also has the same dream of making Mahabharat. He too has expressed the view many times in the past. He is none other than Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. The star has been silently working on the Mahabharat prospects for a long time. He has been interacting with various writers to get the right script.

The latest is that Vijayendra Prasad is joining hands with Aamir Khan. They will work together for a version. Aamir Khan would be the ultimate judge, and only when he is satisfied, the project will get a go-ahead to sets. It will be interesting if Aamir Khan likes Vijayendra Varma’s version. As we all know, he is also the writer for all Rajamouli movies.

Aamir Khan plans to make multiple films in Mahabharat series. He had previously thought of making it as a web series with various seasons. However, those plans seem to be dropped for now.

Currently, Aamir Khan is busy with Laal Singh Chadda. He has a couple of other films also in the pipeline. Rajamouli has RRR in works. Later he has a movie with Mahesh Babu.