Rajamouli's Father Vijayendra Prasad to Keep Devasena Alive The princess of the small kingdom called Kuntala, Devasena is stealing the hearts of audiences across the world after ‘Baahubali 2’ hit theatres. Somehow, the writer of Baahubali, Vijayendra Prasad doesn’t want to leave Devasena.

He is going to have Devasena as the female lead of his upcoming television epic drama ‘Aarambh’. The writer is providing the story for this television serial in Hindi and the lead actress is named after Devasena as the warrior princess of the Dravidian culture.

That means the writer has penned a story in which the woman power is going to enchant the audiences besides the epic theme, i.e., the clash between the patriarchal Aryans from North and the matriarchal Dravidians from the South. This is a mythical story and Karthika Nair (NTR’s ‘Dammu’ fame)is going to play Devasena.