Rajamouli Faces Tough Task Even Before Hitting TheatersSS Rajamouli never hesitates to say the name of Tarak when someone asks him who his favourite actor is. Usually, Celebs try to balance things by being diplomatic but it is not the case with Rajamouli at least in this issue. Now, the time has come to test Rajamouli.

The Ram Charan Character Video of RRR released in March was a Superhit and now, it is the time for NTR Character Video on May 20th, the actor’s Birthday. Rajamouli already revealed that there are some portions left to be shot and a lot of VFX Work to be done for the Teaser.

But the fact is that he can not stop releasing the video due to the obligation of a Multistarer with two stars. At the same time, it is important to match or outshine the previous video. Definitely not an easy task given the Special conditions prevailing now.

Besides the obligation of RRR, he will have a special commitment to NTR and Nandamuri fans. Usually, Rajamouli is expected to do the balancing act in the theaters but the challenge has come well in advance now. But then, Rajamouli is one filmmaker who can make anything possible.