Rajamouli Explains Why Prabhas Is Not Fit For RRRTeam Radhe Shyam is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the promotional campaign. They have now unveiled a new promotional interview featuring Prabhas and the master craftsman behind RRR, Rajamouli.

In the interview, Prabhas and Rajamouli get candid. Prabhas asks “Why didn’t you at least give me a cameo role in RRR? It would have been nice to see me, Charan and Tarak in one frame.”

Rajamouli then comes up with his trademark answer. “Prabhas, you are like a huge ship (referring to the ship sequence in Radhe Shyam). If I think a scene requires a huge ship, then I will bring it in(metaphorically). But just because I know Prabhas, if I bring him into my film, the output will be tampered. If you are really needed in my film, I will find n ways to convince you and bring you on board.

Prabhas then funnily replies ” I understand you are closer to Charan and Tarak than you are with me.”

As is known, Rajamouli is very particular about casting. He will onboard an actor only if he feels he/she is cent percent suited for it. He never goes after setting up big-name combinations just for the sake of it. We get to understand the same as Rajamouli explains why Prabhas isn’t fit for RRR in the most logical way possible.