Few days ago, Suresh Babu and Rajamouli had convened a press conference against the piracy of their latest release, Eega. In the Press conference, Rajamouli had warned NRIs who are involved in downloading and uploading of illegal Eega content. He warned them that even downloading will create problems in Green card processing and also may result in their detention. The words used by Rajamouli had stirred a controversy. There was a huge outrage among NRI people in youtube. They accused him of trying to terrorize audience. Some of them even went on accusing him of plagiarism in movies while preaching morals to people.

Rajamouli had decided to clarify his comments. Here few excerpts of the clarification he had given.

1. He clarified that it is not he who is taking action on pirates and illegal downloaders, it is the Anti Video piracy cell along with the Motion Picture Association who are entitled to take the action.

2. On people who are alleging plagiarism on Rajamouli, he clarified that he is ready to face consequences if proven. And in any case, he said, no individual has the moral right to encourage piracy even if he infringes copyright.

3. He also tells that the theory of encouraging piracy due to high ticket prices is rubbish. He defends the high ticket prices with Supply – Demand theory and also decided to stay safe by adding he can not intervene in Distributors or Exhibitors Business Model.