Rajamouli, Don't Kill Industry For Your SelfishnessSS Rajamouli’s RRR has postponed once again. This is the second postponement of the movie after the onset of the pandemic. Earlier the movie was announced for Dussehra and the biggies had to give way. But the movie did not arrive.

The movie has now targeted Sankranthi. Films like Acharya and Bheemla Nayak which should have arrived for sure and with the restrictions on in other states have lost as well. RRR did not cash on the festival advantage and at the same time, other films have lost as well.

Sankranthi and Dussehra are supposed to be the biggest seasons for Telugu movies. They are extremely crucial for the trade after the Pandemic. But thanks to RRR, no one has got the advantage. Buzz is that Industry biggies are fuming at Rajamouli and are vowing not to co-operate after the third wave.

Let him release in normal times. We certainly deserve the holidays advantage than RRR. If he can not sacrifice festivals, why should we? After the third wave, other films should be given a priority. No more sacrifices for RRR. Rajamouli should plan his film after existing backlogs are cleared if he wants festival advantage. Don’t kill the industry for your selfishness,” they are reportedly saying.