Rajamouli Doesn't Look Down if You Don't Understand - Anushka ShettyAnushka Shetty and Prabhas can talk endlessly about the maker of the two parts of their epic series ‘Baahubali’ as their journey with him had been a game changing experience. Anushka had some really fascinating things to tell about Rajamouli.

For a small shot, Anushka took 17 retakes. Yet, the director didn’t lose his cool and kept on explaining the nuances of the shot till she got it right. He didn’t shoot at her. Anushka gushes saying that he doesn’t shout even if one takes 100 retakes.

Rajamouli has this patience to explain his point of view. If you don’t understand, he doesn’t look down on an actor or technician. He keeps explaining till you understand the way he wants you to,” shared Anushka.

We have heard about many directors who are short tempered and even slap the actors to get the right emotion. Well, we are floored totally by Rajamouli’s respect towards his artists. Aren’t you?