JrNTR-RajamouliNot so long ago, a section of Jr NTR’s fans on social media were fuming at Rajamouli as they had concerns about the gravity of Tarak’s role in RRR. They even called Rajamouli names and did negative trends in the heat of the moment.

Cut to now, Rajamouli has kept NTR and Ram Charan on the global radar with RRR. The film is trending big time on Netflix and the exponential international reach it is enjoying is unheard of for any Indian film.

Particularly, Jr NTR is getting more limelight now. Tarak is listed in The Variety Magazine’s list of probable candidates for the best actor role in the Oscars 2023. This is one of the farthest propositions any Telugu actor has ever come close to till now. Even getting on the list of probables for the Best Actor award at the Academy Awards is huge for a Telugu star.

While Tarak’s fans succumbed to the negative narrative on Tarak’s role in RRR and blamed Rajamouli, guess what they have to say now.

What is for certain is that Rajamouli deserves the biggest apology from NTR’s fans for all the unnecessary trolls and abuses they aimed at the master filmmaker.