RRR RajamouliRRR undoubtedly is one the most awaited films by the cinephiles. As this is Rajamouli’s first film right after Baahubali, RRR carries huge anticipation. So like the Baahubali series, is Rajamouli planning an RRR sequel? The director has debunked the ongoing speculations on this.

Rajamouli said that when he planned Baahubali, he penned the script in a way that it would be made in two parts, but that is not the case with RRR.

“I only pen sequels if the script demands. I don’t do it just for the sake of fitting into it or raking in moolah. RRR is a single story and everything will take place in one film. So it doesn’t make any sense to have an RRR sequel,” said Rajamouli. Thus the filmmaker has put the record straight.

Speaking about the film, RRR is heading for Sankranthi release, January 7, 2022. While fans are all gung ho about catching it on the silver screen but uncertainty around the release date continues as anything can happen till the last minute.