Rajamouli Decides To Experiment, AgainMaster craftsman Rajamouli is currently occupied with RRR, which is in the final leg of production. He plans to prepare the final cut of RRR at the earliest so that he can come with an optimal release plan correspondingly.

Now, it is heard that Rajamouli intends to experiment around with his immediate next project after RRR. He is said to be contemplating the idea of working on a animation film once he is done with RRR.

Rajamouli is no stranger to animations, and CGI. Not so long ago, he created a sensation of sorts by making ‘Eega’, in which a housefly plays the protagonist. Rajamouli extensively used animation and CGI to create graphical imagery of ‘Eega’.

It is unclear if he will be exploring a similar territory now, or if he’ll pick a completely different concept and visual presentation altogether.

As unofficial reports suggest, the ace filmmaker is indeed willing to experiment around again after RRR.

Rajamouli plans to complete this project before he collaborates with Mahesh Babu. The latter is obliged to complete SSMB28 before he joins hands with Rajamouli.

So, Rajamouli might be having just about enough time to conceive and execute the animation film. But the words simplicity and briskness can never be associated with Rajamouli. So, we have to wait and see how things pan out.