Rajamouli Creates New Headache For Tamil Directors!With RRR, Rajamouli has reinstated that he is one of the very best, if not the best filmmakers in Indian cinema currently. Now, he appears to be giving a headache or two to Tamil directors. Wonder how? Here’s the story.

The Tamil film industry is known for producing content-driven and technically sound films, but they are never big on large-scale event films. Perhaps that is the reason why Telugu big-ticket films like Baahubali 1&2, Pushpa, and the latest addition to the list, RRR are attracting the Tamil audience. Now, the Tamil crowd on social media is asking Tamil filmmakers to learn from Rajamouli how to make big canvas films.

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“Tamil industry lacks commercially sound directors who can make winning big canvas films. Maybe, our directors should learn from Rajamouli, and other Telugu filmmakers who blend entertainment with visually stunning viewing experience,” a Tamilian commented on Twitter.

Another complaint that Tamil audience have is that Tamil audience can never see two Tamil superstars coming together while Rajamouli made it happen with RRR which has Ram Charan and Jr NTR in the lead roles.

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Well, the point to be noted is that Rajamouli is a generational talent. Emulating him will be a near impossible task for Tamil filmmakers. Also, Telugu cinema has always had the rich tradition of commercial filmmaking. That could be the reason why the entire Indian film industry is looking at Tollywood now.

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