Well the comparison is not as straight at the title of the post but Rajamouli mentioned it in one of his interaction with fans in Twitter. Rajamouli said Christpher Nolan also hated 3D technology when one of his followers asked him to deliver a Avatar sort of movie in Telugu. Contrary to the rumours doing rounds, Rajamouli made it clear that he is shooting the film using Arri Alexa XT camera but not IMAX cameras. Baahubali will be Rajamouli’s first full length feature film to be shot using digital cameras.

The regular shooting of the movie will begin on July 6th, the release date of Eega. He also rubbished the rumours of spending 10 Crore on a set in which he will be shooting 3 days. He said, “Producer Shobu garu is spending lavishly, but not foolishly…:) (sic)”.