Rajamouli-Calls-His-'Chinni'-on-to-the--StageIt was the awards event sponsored by a noted Tamil web media portal and when Rajamouli was on the stage to receive the award, he called his ‘Chinni’ to come on to the stage. Then, Rajamouli’s Chinni who draped herself in a bright pink saree walked on to the dais to stand alongside him.

Who else deserves this special moment other than Rajamouli’s wife Rama Rajamouli? The lady stood by him through thick and thin. There is her hand and hard work in the great successes that Rajamouli tasted so far. Despite this, she never shows any attitude for being the star director’s wife or throws tantrums.

She always chooses to maintain a low profile and also follow a simple lifestyle. Her simplicity shows big time in her public appearances unlike a few who do so much Hungama with just a couple of successes. Being down to the earth and very hard-working, Rama Rajamouli (Chinni) has been the biggest strength not only for Rajamouli but also for his family.