Chandrababu Naidu - RajamouliOne of the infamous rumors about Chandrababu Naidu ever since the YSR days is that his opponents would say Chandrababu called Agriculture ‘Dandaga’ (waste). On many occasions, Chandrababu challenged them to prove that he said that. No one did try that but the rumor continues to go abated even today.

Rajamouli’s brother, SS Kanchi (Ambhujanabham in Amrutham) has come in defense of Chandrababu Naidu on this issue. “సరే… దండగ అన్నాడు… (అనుకుందాం). ఇంతకీ ఎవరైనా తల్లితండ్రులు వాళ్ళ పిల్లల్ని నువ్వు ఆరు నూరైనా రైతువి అయ్యి వ్యవసాయం చెయ్యాలని కోరుకుంటున్నారా? (వారసత్వ రైతు కుటుంబాల్లోనైనా) Don’t quote me weekend farmers please (sic),” Kanchi tweeted.

Kanchi probably has not only supported Chandrababu but also ignited a debate about if something is wrong in that statement even if the former Chief Minister really said that. It is true that even traditional agriculture families no longer want their children to settle in some salaried professions preferably IT.

The politicians who are from agriculture families who criticize Chandrababu about the statement also do not have their heirs into agriculture for the same reason.