Rajamouli Brings Back New QuestionsThe governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana permitted ticket price hikes for RRR . There was initially a big uproar pertaining to the ticket prices in Telangana as the MRP was locked at Rs 395.

Cut to now, there is an argument that RRR managed to post exceedingly good revenues in the Nizam region even with abnormally hiked ticket prices. Well, there are two ways to look at this.

RRR banks on a stellar collaboration between two superstars Ram Charan and Jr NTR. More importantly, it is helmed by the master craftsman, SS Rajamouli. These factors combined to give the film a super strong run at the box office. Not every film will have such permutations to pull the audience to the theatres in big numbers.

Notably, even RRR faced a hiccup of sorts as there were slight drops in collections on weekdays. This could be because of the high pricing. But even then, the film recorded big numbers due to the high ticket prices.

All in all, just because RRR posted good revenues with high ticket pricing, it doesn’t mean every star hero film can pull off the same. If the word of mouth isn’t encouraging, these high ticket prices might be more than enough to kill a film’s theatrical returns, an observer said.