Rajamouli first win against hatersWhen RGV rated ‘Baahubali’ trailer with 70 out of 100 on international standards, it shows how big an achievement it is for Rajamouli’s endearing hard work. In a recent interview Rajamouli observes that within our limited budget (20% of international movie budgets), if we are able to get 80% quality, it’s an achievement. True!

A mammoth project, working with thousands of techncians and other unit members and too many logistics, working for years together… if Rajamouli says he shouts a lot on sets, it’s no big thing because people would go crazy and find themselves mind-blocked dealing such maganimity.

When we see the visuals, we understand that if not for Prabhas and Rana, the lead characters wouldn’t have looked so powerful. Rajamouli says Prabhas is friend who gave him two years when he asked for one full year. Rana, who is the bundle of energy on sets is the one instrumental in getting Bollywood star producer Karan Johar on board for Hindi version of ‘Baahubali’.